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Reviews for Can't Stop Lovin' You:

I want to live in that quirky Texas town! This was the perfect book for my rainy day by the fireplace; a sweet, heart-warming love story.—Janet

"Can't Stop Lovin' You" by Lynnette Austin is another sweet contemporary romance in her beautifully written 'Maverick Junction' series. –Night Owl Review Top Pick

Clearly, Austin’s most recent release-- is her best to date. The mingling of personal and professional issues in Maggie’s life, mirrors one of the most pressing of contemporary issues facing women today; how to “have it all.” It is a tribute to this author’s craft that she has so successfully given us another lively pair of lovers, who continue to bring Maverick Junction alive for it’s fans.—Debra C

Don't you HATE when you read the third book in a series and enjoy it SO MUCH, that you know that NOW, you have to add the first two to that LONG TBR list that you have... That's how I feel after reading CAN'T STOP LOVIN YOU by Lynnette Austin. I loved the writing, the characters, the plotline and build-up of drama. And just can't go wrong with Brawley Odell.—A Tasty Read Book Reviews

No sooner did I get started with this book then I just knew I had to search out the other books in this series. This book…was like opening a bag of potato chips, you just needed one more. As fast paced a romance novel as I've ever read. CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU is an extraordinarily well written story filled with just the right amount of angst to keep you interested from beginning to end. Austin creates a lovely town with intriguing characters who will win your heart. Austin's lively, witty and engaging dialog rounds out a well-constructed book.—Fresh Fiction Reviews

For sheer charm and warmth, nothing beats a Lynette Austin romance. Austin is fearless when it comes to revealing her hero and heroine's emotions.—Jean P

What a delight to be enveloped by witty dialogue, familiar characters, and a fast-paced plot. Couldn't wait to return to Maverick Junction--I read it in one day! I want to…eat at Bubba's, talk with Dottie, see that cute shop, and definitely meet those luscious Texas cowboys! Surely this place exists; it must be on a map of Texas.—Susan S

This story, woven into the interactions of a lovable cast of characters in a small Texas town has humor, pathos and friendship. Between the sparkling dialogue, snappy banter, and heightened sexual tension, the story moves seamlessly… I was hooked --Barbara B

Reviews for Nearest Thing to Heaven:

This story will make readers yearn for a cowboy of their own! Maverick Junction is a perfect example of small-town Texas, filled with a wonderful group of characters that are as bighearted as the state they hail from. Ty is easygoing, and yet the confusion he feels toward Sophie is genuine and honest. Sophie is great because she doesn’t close her mind to possibilities even when they scare her, and her interactions with the boys feel natural and unforced. Readers will want to visit Maverick Junction again and again. –RT Book Reviews

Nearest Thing to Heaven is an incredibly romantic story with a wide range of emotions. The characters will capture your heart and have you cheering them on.—HarlequinJunkie Blog

With the recent release of Nearest Thing To Heaven, Lynnette Austin has roped herself one more winner.—Jean P.

Just finished Nearest thing to Heaven while sitting on my patio swing on this beautiful warm autumn day...I can't tell you where this little book took me...I cried along with Ty and Sophie and smiled and laughed too ...It was a great story of Hope and Love and Faith that there can be a Happy Ending.....—Dawn

Reviews for Somebody Like You :

Amid the sweet and sexy scenes of painting the apartment and nighttime romantic motorcycle rides, Lynnette Austin weaves a funny and poignant story about family, loyalty, and and the power of love. Easy to read, easy to love, and to fall into, Somebody Like You will leave you wanting more! -- Amy Lillard

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant read! --By Carniehands

Oh lordy. If you've ever liked a cowboy, wanted to like a cowboy, or even if you hate cowboys, you will love this book. I was drawn in one page one and already swooning on page two. No joke. Lynnette has this realistic, descriptive, and imaginative way of writing where you soak up all the details without even realizing it. And then before you know it, you forget you're reading altogether and instead, you're watching it play out in your head. – Jolene, PenandMuse

Austin’s Somebody Like You, will have you wishing for your own Cash. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. I do have to warn you: don’t begin this book late at night or before going to bed. You won’t want to put it down! -- Literary, etc.

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